Dr Rachel-chiropractor adjusting  a female patient.
Kinesiotape, massage, mobilisation, knees.

What we do......


We pride ourselves on listening to our patients. For the first visit allow an hour for a full history, assessment and usually treatment.
Our regular consultations are 15-20 minutes, but we also offer extended 30 minute consultations.
We see patients of all ages, from pregnant Mums and newborns to centenarians! Whether you are an elite athlete or a would be golfer we are happy to work on improving your quality of movement & quality of life.
As a result of Covid 19 all staff are wearing masks when there is a risk of transmission. We have hand sanitiser in all rooms and thorough cleaning regimes in place. If you have a temperature or cough please do not attend the clinic, unless you can confirm you are not contagious.
Soft tissue therapy
Low Force
Joint Mobilisation
Joint Manipulation
Dry Needling
Diversified & Gonstead 
Exercise Prescription
Nutritional Advice
Babies & children
Chiropractor checking a babies spine.