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 Dr Rachel has been learning some new things...

Chiropractic care is gentle, safe & effective for pregnancy and paediatric patients!

Dr Rachel has always enjoyed learning new things, and recently has been focusing on Paediatric and Pregnancy care. 

Rachel is now certified in Webster technique - a gentle technique primarily used on patients before, during & after pregnancy, where the focus is on relaxing ligaments and improving function of the pelvis and sacrum. 

Rachel has also been learning about all aspects of women's health: from prenatal care, to menopause, to different diseases and disorders that commonly impact women of all ages such as endometriosis, and how we as chiropractors can best support our female patients nutritionally, physically and emotionally. 

Lastly, Rachel has been brushing up on her paediatric chiropractic skills - chiropractic care is safe for people of all ages! We modify our treatment to suit each patient, and babies are no different. Treatment is mainly gentle stretching, massage and craniosacral work. We see babies for a number of different reasons, including; constipation, reflux, plagiocephaly or head shape issues, feeding issues, and colic.

If you have any questions about how Dr Rachel might be able to help you, call or email us via our contact page. 

Meet Dr Georgia Beveridge

Dr Georgia pic
Georgia will be available every Wednesday afternoon & every 2nd Saturday.

Dr Georgia is here to help us out while Dr Roxanne is away, travelling Asutralia for a few months!

Dr Georgia was first introduced to chiropractic care at age 9, and since then she has experienced many of its 
benefits, which inspired her to become a Chiropractor herself.

She graduated from RMIT in 2020, and has a special interest in treating families, gym goers and headaches.

Georgia tailors her management plan to the individual, using a range of techniques. These include manual and gentle adjustments, soft tissue therapy, dry needling and cupping. 

Outside of the clinic, Georgia loves spending time with her dog Yuki, going out for coffee, exercising at they gym and spending time with friends and family.

Dr Roxanne & Hands on India

Dr Roxanne was privileged to volunteer in West Bengal, India with the Hands On India  Program in Feb-March this year.
We had a fantastic team of 19 chiropractors and 6 assistants packed into 4 jeeps and headed into the countryside in 4 locations every day, for a total of 3200 patient visits!! Our typical patients are tea pickers and rock breakers; their bodies are worn beyond their age but incredibly strong and resilient people. The results we saw continue to amaze us. 
Hands on India sponsors 6 schools and a women’s empowerment program- involving 2500 women. We had the opportunity to visit the 6 schools with 900 children & this was so rewarding. Loved the Sports Day, nothing to do with coming second in musical Flags/chairs! Seeing their smiling faces, love of learning and a chance for further education was a delight. 

Dr Roxanne Daniels providing chiropractic care in India
Dr Roxanne Daniels providing chiropractic care in India

Speaking with women from the empowerment group was emotional as we could see how they had found their voice, formed a support network and had financial security for their families. They were so happy & grateful to see us and show their appreciation in person. 

During covid we opened 24 new health centres & these have had a huge impact. Each centre cares for 4 villages-targeting 25 high need families, utilising both volunteers & paid workers . The results are improving health access, cleaning up villages, getting access from government funds for housing, clean water and drains, access to health cards, pensions, and so much government support they could not access without literacy assistance.
Meeting a victim of human trafficking, now involved with the health & hygiene clinics, was a very sobering reality as this is one of the major trafficking centres in the world. We are excited to expand our clinics in the region, as the impact has been truly phenomenal. 

We came to India hoping to make a tiny ripple of difference. But it us who have gained more, the pure joy and gratitude we have experienced has no words. 6 schools, women Empowerment groups, health, and hygiene clinics.  It is truly remarkable how that money has made a difference to people's lives and to experience it firsthand is a privilege beyond words.  

Thank you so much to all who have made donations and supported our Hands on India projects. Without your support we couldn’t create such an awesome impact in the community. 

Namaste and sincerest thanks.

Dr Roxanne Daniels providing chiropractic care in India
Heading 5

The Power of Happiness

Research shows small moments of happiness can have a BIG impact on your overall health.

People who reported more moments of happiness were found to be at less risk of health issues such as heart disease, obesity & type 2 diabetes. They also had lower levels of stress hormones present in their blood stream.
When happier people experienced stress, overall they still had lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, & other chemicals linked to cardiovascular disease in their blood stream.

Happiness has been linked to smiling, being outside, exercise, breath work and doing things that make you feel good.

What makes you happy? 


Mother and Daughter
Happy Twins
Happy Dog

   Spinal Health Week

                     23rd May-29th May 2022


      Sore Neck? Consider a Chiro

                                                                             Is your neck aching from endless browsing, swiping                                                                                 and texting? Do you wake up with a stiff neck from                                                                                 poor sleep? Maybe you’ve been practising some bad                                                                                 habits lately? This Spinal Health Week we are asking                                                                               our patients and community to Consider a Chiro for                                                                                 neck pain.


                                                                            Research shows that neck pain is a leading cause of                                                                                 disability in adults (reported up to 20% of adults), with                                                                             many presenting for assessment (1). In the Global                                                                                    Burden of Disease study in 2010, neck pain ranked                                                                                  fourth highest in terms of disability and twenty-first in                                                                               overall burden (2). Not surprisingly, neck pain (cervicalgia) constituted in the top five back problem hospitalisations in 2017-18 (3).


With the average Australian spending more than 5.5 hours on their phone each day (4) and a third of us checking our phone within five minutes of waking up each morning (5) – means we are glued to our phones from the moment we wake up, to the moment we go to sleep!


Neck aches and pains are now a common occurrence placing a huge burden on mental health, relationships, ability to work and quality of life, and it doesn’t stop at neck pain. Neck problems are a common trigger for headaches. They can also cause jaw problems, shoulder pain, or weakness and tingling into the arms and hands.


However, living with neck pain doesn’t have to be part of everyday life. Implementing positive spinal health habits in the first place, including good posture, sleep hygiene and partaking in regular stretching and exercise regimes are important factors in preventing neck pain.


At Mt  Martha Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic we are well equipped to care for neck pain whether it be a new episode of pain or a pre-existing condition.


If you want to keep your spinal health in check, we can provide you with care, including exercise programs, lifestyle advice, and assistance to help you maintain your spinal health and overall wellbeing.


This Spinal Health Week is a great time to Consider a Chiro and make an appointment with us to take control of your neck pain!



1. Bertram, K, Williams, D, Vijiaratnam, N 2018, Neck pain: What if it is not musculoskeletal?, Australian Journal of General Practice, Volume 47, Issue 5, ajgp/2018/may/neck-pain

2. Hoy, D, March, l, Woolf, A, Blyth, B, Brooks, P, Smith, E, Vos, T, Barendregt, J, Blore, J, Murray, C, Burstein, R, Buchbinder, R 2014, The Global Burden of Neck Pain: Estimates From The Global Burden of Disease 2010 study, Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, BMJ Journals, Volume 73, issue 7, https://ard.

3. ACCD (Australian Consortium for Classification Development) 2016, The International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, Tenth Revision, Australian Modification (ICD-10-AM) – Tenth Edition - Tabular list of diseases and Alphabetic index of diseases. Adelaide: Independent Hospital Pricing Authority, Lane Publishing.

4. Dixon, G 2021, Aussies Spend Almost 17 Years in a Lifetime Staring At Their Phones,, accessed 07 March 2022,

5. Deloitte, 2017, Mobile Consumer Survey 2017: The Australian Cut, accessed 07 March 2022,





Get ‘Back2Back’ this World Spine Day

On 16 October Mt Martha Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic will celebrate World Spine Day 2021 ,an initiative organised by the World Federation of Chiropractic, to raise awareness about spinal disorders.

The overarching mission? To help empower YOU to take charge of your spinal health.

Did you know that at any given moment, an estimated 540 million people suffer from lower back pain globally? Or that four million Australians suffer from back problems every year?

                    It’s a big statistic and one of epidemic proportions.

World Spine Day aims to recognise that spinal pain is part of the ‘global burden of disease’ and that many under-served communities lack access, or worse, have no access to quality spinal care.

To acknowledge this and encourage healthy spinal habits, we are encouraging patients to get ‘Back2Back’ – highlighting the ways in which you can maintain a healthy spine by staying mobile, avoiding physical inactivity, not overloading their spines and adopting healthy habits.

To help Australians reset and refocus on their spinal health, the Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA) is encouraging people to ‘straighten up’, ‘just start walking’ and ‘find a chiro’ this World Spine Day.

It is estimated that on average we spend five hours a day sitting; with a quarter of the population sitting for more than eight hours a day! Stretching and performing regular spinal exercises are easy and time efficient ways to help improve your spinal health – which you can now do at the touch of a button with the ACA’s Straighten Up app! Featuring a set of simple exercises (and taking just three minutes to complete), their Straighten Up App will help you maintain correct posture no matter where you are!

With so many of us working and learning from home, it is now more important than ever, to get outside and stretch those legs! The Department of Health recommends a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity each week. Walking not only increases heart and lung fitness; but contributes to a naturally upright posture.


Download the ACA’s fun and easy to use, Just Start Walking app to track and map your walks with friends and family!

For further advice on how to get ‘Back2Back’, call us on 5974 34 77 to book an appointment this World Spine Day.


world spine day 2021
Roxanne driving
Dr Roxanne in Kalbarri on long service leave

Dr Roxanne Daniels is BACK from 12 weeks long service leave!

Dr Roxanne had an amazing holiday  4 wheel driving around  Australia with her husband.  4 states-SA, NT & WA before returning back to Vic. 22,000 km and NO RAIN for the entire trip. 

She was spoilt with an enormous menagerie of wildlife, budgerigars in the West MacDonnell ranges, dolphins, whales, turtles, sharks ( yes there was a shark cage involved), plus the usual wallabies. kangaroos, emus, lizards and too many feral goats. 

Highlight?? Everyday was fabulous she says, but especially loved camping in isolated spots under the stars & b y a river. Her hubby Greg, thought Bell Gorge on the Gibb River Road and Shark Bay at Denham were the 'best'. Plus we didnt 'do a tyre'- definite highlight after all the 4 WDriving :) 

Many thanks to Drs Rachel and Sarah for doing such a splendid job in her absence.


Dr Roxanne on holiday
Dr Roxanne on holiday

Melbourne Coastrek 2021- raising money for Beyond Blue


On Friday 21st of May Dr Roxanne Daniels embraced the Coastrek team trekking challenge and walked a long way to raise funds for Beyond Blue to support mental health in Australia.  It was a stunning day to walk 30km and the team had a lot of fun!! 


Right now, over one million people in Australia have depression and more than two million are experiencing anxiety. On average, sadly eight people take their lives every day in Australia. All funds raised will assist Beyond Blue to deliver programs and services that

make a difference in the lives of people experiencing mental health conditions. 


Dr Daniels would like to thank everyone who supported her and helped her reach her goal

of  $1000!! WooHoo!  In total the event raised close to 3million dollars. What an amazing effort .

By the way we encourage anyone who is looking for  challenge to give this a go next year. And hopefully the Peninsula will turn on another spectacular Autumn day.


WJee malaysia 6

Introducing Dr. Rachel Duncan



We are sad to announce that after over a decade of practice on the Peninsula Dr WoonJee Tio is moving on. We wish her well in her future endeavours and promise to keep you all up to date with any juicy WJ gossip :)     


Dr Rachel Duncan is excited to be joining the practice & is keen to continue looking after Dr WoonJee's patients with the same care & enthusiasm we are all used to.


Dr Rachel Duncan completed her Masters of Clinical Chiropractic and Bachelor of Health Science (Chiropractic) at RMIT University in 2015. She is a compassionate practitioner who listens to her patients  & has excellent spinal adjusting skills.

Dr Rachel Duncan will be consulting full day Monday, Tuesday mornings, Wednesday & Friday afternoons.       edited 12.10 21

Dr.Rachel Duncan photo
McGill Big 3 presenters



                                                                                   Feb 2020

Dr Roxanne Daniels is fresh from four days with Professor Stuart McGill. The Prof. was  named a member of the Order of Canada in Dec 2019, recognized for his contributions to understanding the biomechanics of the spinal column and to the development of rehabilitation programs, specifially related to low back pain. 

He is a legend with over 240 published papers! 


So if you are experiencing low back pain come and chat to Dr Roxanne about how the McGill approach in combination with her 35 years of experience as a practitioner might help you.

                                                                        Feb 2020


McGill -all the attendees
McGill and Roxanne 2020
McGill - squat correction
Running Athletic Women
rugged up walking
Treadmill Walking
Are u ready for life
Hans 2018

 Spinal Health Week May 2019





As we all know life is full of unknowns, but you can take simple and practical steps now to be ready for life at any age. Currently 15% of the Australian population are aged 65 and over, and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare estimates that this will increase to 22% by 2056. This increase in the age of the population puts additional strain on the government to provide care for older Australians. 

Chiropractors are ideally placed to assist in the healthcare of Australians as they age and potentially help improve their quality of life.

According to the World Health Organization, musculoskeletal conditions that reduce mobility, dexterity and functional ability, are the second largest cause of disability worldwide. Musculoskeletal conditions can have a damaging effect on your quality of life by affecting your ability to participate in work, social activities and sports. In Australia, 3.7 million people reported back problems in 2015 alone.4

With statistics like these and the burden of low back pain ranking first in Australia, it is likely that you or someone you know could suffer from back pain.  Improving posture, maintaining an active lifestyle and keeping your spinal health in check can help you continue to do the things you love and always be Ready for Life!   

Chiro Can Help

One way to help you be Ready for Life and improve your spinal health is to seek chiropractic care from your local ACA chiropractor. Chiropractors can also be seen as a preventative healthcare option by offering advice and assistance in making appropriate lifestyle choices and therefore reducing the risk of spinal health issues arising in the first place.            



                Latest Research from Stanford

Drs WoonJee and Roxanne are big advocates of slow abdominal breathing.

 We were excited to read about the latest research from Stanford University, using electrodes to assess the brain showing how our breathing alters our brain for the better! Not sure about your breathing habits? Come in & see us for an assessment.

'Controlling your breath can also help you lower your blood pressure and fall asleep, calm yourself and focus your mind, and help you prepare for a challenging or frightening task. '



Continuing Professional Development in 2018

As part of our commitment to providing the best care we can for our patients and maintaining our AHPRA registration our chiropractors continue to upgrade their knowledge with at least 25 hours of CPD a year.

Drs WoonJee Tio and Roxanne Daniels have both been busy studying this month. Dr Daniels has completed an advanced Dry Needling course, see the great pics. She is keen to try out her new skills so if you have foot or knee issues she is happy to stick a few needles in!

Dr WoonJee Tio was at the Australasian Academy of Functional Neurology (AAFN) Conference and her head is now filled with cutting edge functional neurology, which does mean sometimes she runs a little behind schedule, but better brain function is worth it.

Finally Dr Daniels was at the ACA Annual conference at Hobart on Positive Ageing, she also got to the Salamanca Market and stayed an extra day to visit Bruny Island, so don't worry about a lack of healthy balance, but if you are concerned about falling as you get older do chat to Roxanne about the latest study on how to decrease the risk. 




Dr Roxanne Daniels spent the weekend in Brisbane in July 2018

with Dr Hans Lindgren polishing her knowledge on DNS

in the gym. She hasn't done a deadlift in a while so she

might be a day or two recovering from the workout...


Breathing and postural patterns are important in all our

activities, if you want to improve your PB in the gym chat

to Dr Roxanne next time you are in.



Kids Blowing Bubbles
Roxanne & Hans 2018
DNS gym photo

Indoor vs Outdoor Running –

    The Pros and Cons

Oh, the cold chilly mornings!

The other day, when I woke up to 6 degrees outside, I stepped out to

my garden all rugged up, runners on…. then the cold hit my face! It reminded me of the mornings in the snow at Falls Creek.  So I admit it , I  turned around and headed for my treadmill instead of the great outdoors…

Can you can relate to this?  Maybe some of you already have the wisdom and didn’t even

consider stepping outside for a run… straight to the treadmill in the Gym or at home. Or

perhaps you are like  Dr Daniels, all rugged up, motivated by an eager dog & braving the cold.  Brrrr

Running on the treadmill has many benefits as oppose to running in the great outdoors.

You don’t have to worry about the cold, the rain, the sunburn and the falling branches…. or

aggressive dogs and their poo! You won’t bump into people you know & so you don’t need

to feel bad if you don’t want to stop  to talk or say hello.  You can get the most out of your day

on the treadmill….. watch the news or catch up on your favourite show.

But, running on the treadmill can put you at a greater risk of joint and ligament damage, a 

result of prolonged repetitive stride or same movement… like RSI (repetitive stress injury).

Runners also often over estimate their speed on the treadmill.

And being in the great outdoors is  definitely better for your mental health. The sensory

stimulation is good for you brain. The wind on your face; the warmth of the sun on your

skin-good for vitamin D in  the morning;  the smell of  eucalyptus & grass,  the visual changing of scenery. All can help improve your mood and decrease tension, anger and confusion. There are lots of studies to support this :) 

Running outdoors your stride is not repetitive and the load differs as we react to curbs, corners or obstacle. This

‘variation of loading’ helps improve our balance and increase strength.  We activate a greater

variety of muscles. However try to avoid running on hard ground or bitumen surfaces, it predispose us to


If you want to run but you can’t get outside, or like me defeated by the cold, a treadmill is a good alternative

  • utilise an incline—changes of just 1' helps, aim for 5' to better mimic running outdoors… this will create an increase                                             of air resistance. 

  • vary speed and incline—this is to avoid that same repetitious motion…. great for balance and strength.

  • don’t hang on—mimic ‘real runners’… move your arms like they  do.

At the end of the day we just want you to move, to spend at least 3 hours a week exercising.                                                             Good for your mind, body and soul :) 

                                  contributed by Dr WoonJee Tio  July 2019

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